Fallout: 76 ‘Wastelanders’ Trailer Teases New Content

Bethesda has finally dropped the newest trailer for their upcoming ‘Wastelanders’ expansion for Fallout 76. Originally planned for the Fall of 2019, its official release is now set for this April 7th across all platforms. While the expansion looks to bring fresh new content to the online-multiplayer, it also seeks to bring back key elements that the franchise has been known for.

Aside from the addition of a major new quest line, creatures and equipment, ‘Wastelanders’ introduces new human characters that players will be able to interact with. Referred to as ‘new neighbours’ to Appalachia, these NPCs are set to reinforce the key essence that Fallout 76 lacked at launch. These factions will play a key role to the progression of the story, which will rely on the influence of the reputation and choices made by the player.

Fallout:76 is notably the black sheep of the franchise due to its ongoing struggles. From the lack of noteworthy content at launch, to a ridiculously overpriced subscription service, the title has become a meme over its year long lifespan. Still, a dedicated community has endured through the bugs and controversy and have somewhat been rewarded with additional content and a free battle royale mode. This new expansion will hopefully revitalise the title and give players a chance to catch some of that classic Fallout vibe.

‘Wastelanders’ is set to release for free to all platforms if you already have the base game, and will also launch on Steam for the first time on April 7th. Watch the trailer below:

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