[Kazurenai and Vault Racoon – If you check our articles, you can see a trend in our interests!]

This is a small gaming blog run by two people with a range of different interests to one another.

We hope to cover a range of gaming content, from news, reviews to even listicles or musings about gaming! From indie to mainstream, romance to horror and platformed to visual novels – we want to do them all! [Kazurenai: I love finding interesting new indie games!]

We have a few years of writing experience and thought “Why don’t we just write for ourselves” instead of wandering from place to place?

We hope that through starting our own blog, we’ll be able to write things we want to write about, aswell as hopefully meeting other fans and like-minded people. Hopefully through the things we write, you will not only get to know our likes but also us ourselves.

So yeah, follow us on wordpress, or twitter or facebook and hopefully join us on our journey of self-discovery in gaming.

What is that Ominous Beep?

My I want to play this game senses are tingling!

Well the original “beep” that we were referring to were the various beeps made on our PCs or gaming consoles when something goes wrong…

But! We thought why not put a twist of that and basically use it to refer to a beep of intrigue or interest. We see a game we like and our interests start peaking. But is the game gonna be good or bad? That’s what we hope to bring to you as we not only hope to provide our (hopefully interesting) insights but also give you something to take away, whether it’d be a new game or try out or a new thought to take away.

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