Craft potions and make some magic in “Little Witch in the Woods”

Tired of your mundane everyday life? Well, grab your broomstick and transport yourself into the wonderful world of Little Witch in the Woods!

Little Witch in the Woods is an adorable fantasy simulation RPG developed by Sunny Side Up, a 4-person team based in South Korea. The game places you in the shoes of a young apprentice witch named Ellie, who has to revive the livelihood of a dilapidated village – all while trying to study and graduate “witch school”.

In an interview with myPotatoGames, the team said that they came up with the idea when they thought about adding a witch-life aspect to Stardew Valley. They also said they wanted players to “experience the daily life of a witch” and said that the Animal Crossing series was another big influence in the idea process.

From the trailer, you can see the inspiration from these games as Ellie can be seen doing different tasks such as talking to animal NPCs and fishing.

Other features will include:

  • Unique and fascinating plants, animals, and ecosystem – Connect with the different plants and animals, and the ecosystem of those plants and animals around the village!
  • Explore the fascinating areas around the village – There are a lot of different themes around the village. Use the witch’s power to explore the village and get ingredients for potions!
  • Process ingredients to make various potions – You can make the witch’s potions by processing ingredients. These potions are also used in a lot of different ways!
  • Develop the village – At first, the village is pretty small, but by helping the village NPCs, you can develop it. Upgrade the village and meet all the NPCs!
  • Various characters and many stories – The NPCs sometimes move in or move out. Meet all the new NPCs and discover their stories!
  • Meet your lifelong partner – By love bombing, you can meet your lifelong partner! Though it may not be a human.

From this, it seems that not only will there be a plethora of different NPCs available in the game (meaning that each player will have their own set of unique villagers), but that there will be romance, or some form of, included.

The game is set to be released in Winter 2020 on Steam, but a PS4 and Nintendo Switch are planned in the works.

If you’d like to follow the news and updates on the game, you can do so on their official twitter @SunnySideUp_DEV

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