‘Ghost’ Confirmed for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, one of Modern Warfare‘s most prominent heroes is finally set to make his debut for the reboot. According to a short video from the official Call of Duty twitter, we should expect to see him in-game on February 11th, the same day season one comes to a close.

Ghost will likely herald the beginning of the new season as an operative and will be the first major character since Price and Gaz to make an appearance in the reboot. Being one of the most popular figures in the franchise, fans have been eagerly anticipating his return since launch. However, whether or not he will come with the battle pass or appear on the store front as a pack is yet to be seen.

The short clip also teases the return of another fan favourite, ‘Rust’. The map has been heavily requested since the release of other remastered classics like ‘Shipment’ and ‘Crash’. While we don’t know the exact changes they will make to the setting, it will still likely be the smallest multiplayer map outside of gun game. As with the others, this will of course come to no additional charge to new and existing players.

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