Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Be Successful at Life and Love

What are the possibilities of meeting a pop-star in your local supermarket who gives you their number? How about your childhood friend who turns out to be a secret agent assigned to protect you as it turns out you are actually a superhuman? Only in Mr Love: Queen’s Choice.

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is a Chinese anime-styled game that describes itself as a romance simulation where you can call, chat and text the heroine’s love, while developing her career as a media producer.
And… that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

The topic of the last show – Superhumans, also ends up being connected to her, as she later gets targeted due to being one herself. But you know, the point is… hot boys.

The story is focused around the unnamed heroine (you), who is the producer for “Miracle Finder”, a popular show created by her father, which features special guests talking about a variety of topics.

However, the declining viewership has led the funders to cancel the show after one final episode.

Despite the last episode being a big success, the funders still try to cancel the show but with her determination and the power of being a protagonist, she is given 2 more years to bring the show back to its fame.

The main “gameplay” is essentially a card power battle – where you collect different cards (or Karmas) with different attributes and level them up so you can hit a certain score to pass each stage (cleverly designed as different filming opportunities). In addition to cards, you also get “experts” which help certain checkpoints that require certain qualities to provide bonus points (I guess these characters are staff at your company).

There are several stages in each “Chapter” which break down into gameplay or to continue the story. These all require energy – which is typical in any freemium mobile game. However, unlike other games that trick you into purchasing energy with real money, this game has other things to do after you have used up all your energy and stamina.

mrlove3Despite the fancy names, these activities are things commonly seen or experienced in other games before:

BOX OFFICE CONTEST –  Acts as the “multiplayer ranking” where players set 3 karmas as their team and beat each other based on their totalled scores.
WISH TREE – You go here to draw karmas ranking from “N” (normal) to “SSR” (Specially Super Rare, according to google). This uses either in-game gold or gems (special currency in-game you can buy or earn)
CITY NEWS – Quick-time events to gain points used to purchase experts.
FOOTAGE – The same as the main gameplay but focuses on each specific love interest.
CITY STROLL – Mini adventure mode where you do errands for characters and type options to pass the story.

The story to ‘gameplay’ ratio is incredibly generous so I found myself investing at least an hour or two when I first log on. The activities mostly circle around the card that you get in the game and you gain some more either through drawing cards at the Wishing Tree or through special events where you collect shards. Each character has several cards to collect and getting them can unlock things such as Date events, social media posting and new texts.

Now this is the part everyone who plays these games care about? Right?

The game advertises itself as a ‘romance simulation’ and I believe it is the truest representation of one. It feels like all of the visual novel games you see on mobile app stores, mixed with the mechanics of texting and calling guys in Mystic Messenger and this game definitely rides on that high.
The characters will call and text you randomly as you progress through the story and access at any time even if you don’t pick up the call in time. (Which is also fully voiced in English or Japanese.) Texts conversations are unlocked by progressing the story and through levelling up cards.

Social Media is one step they took further by basically having a “feed” that characters upload photos where you can select an option to comment. You can also upload your “own” photos and by that, I mean you upload from a selection of unlockable posts that take snippets of images from the cards themselves.

mrlove5As with all mobile games, the stages become harder and require stronger cards which you then have your option of either waiting it out and levelling them up bit by bit – or choosing the money route. Doing the prior myself, I still haven’t completely unlocked all the possible things to do despite playing for a full week.

In terms of gameplay, Mr. Love isn’t ground-breaking and necessarily introduce anything new. However what it does perfectly is incorporate all of these elements by simply making use of its setting and plot.

The story has an intriguing plot with a good blend between sweet and serious with even the romantic moments not being TOO embarrassing and eye-rolling.


Rating: 8/10

 Beautiful art, good story with amazing voice acting to top it off, Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is an absolute recommendation for those who are interested in these types of games. It makes use of what people love and manages to create something that stands out from the rest.



Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is free to download on both iOS and Android

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