Disc Creatures to be released on Steam on October 17th

In just over a week, Disc Creatures, a retro, 8-bit-style monster catching RPG will be released on Steam and the trailer creates an immense nostalgia to the early days of Pokemon on the GameBoy.

Created by just one Japanese indie creator, SATTO from Picorinne Soft, the game describes itself as a “tribute to classic monster catching RPGs from the golden days of portable gaming.” and from the start, the trailer opens on the screen of what looks to be an 8-bit styled GameBoy SP. It then proceeds to show bits of the gameplay such as the monsters known simply as “creatures” and the protagonist waking up on his bed and leaving his home to travel the world. Already from the beginning of waking up in bed and the stylisation of the houses, the game shows an evident throwback to early Pokemon games. However the use of discs have also reminded fans of the Monster Rancher series which also summoned monsters from discs.

But in this world, you are neither a Rancher nor Pokemon Trainer, but a Disc Ranger (or DiscR) who must travel the world to catch and befriend a variety of creatures bring peace to the land. You also have a choice of choosing 3 starter creatures to travel the world with, with 200 more to collect – all with a unique skill tree.

That’s all we know about the game so far. The developer have emphasised that every aspect of the game has been lovingly designed with the aspects of the original games that made the genre so well-known. Hopefully the game will offer something more fresh and new that sets it aside from being just a tribute, but nothing to do but wait!

Disc Creatures will be released on 17th October 2019.
To see more information about the game, check out their Steam page.

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