Love Esquire releases today on Steam

Today marks the release of Love Esquire, a game developed by Yangyang Mobile who were the brilliant minds behind The Letter (2017), a horror visual novel inspired by classic Asian horror films. Originally being a Kickstarter campaign, it successfully pledged over *counts with fingers* 6 times over the amount needed to fund it!

Love Esquire takes an interesting twist of the RPG games it was inspired by however, as you don’t play the classic, handsome, powerful hero. Instead, you’re the hero’s squire and your quest isn’t to save the world (well it’s not the important one) – It’s to “GIT GUD” and get laid!

The game’s describes itself as a RPG, dating sim and visual novel but has elements of time managament too. For an RPG, dating sim, time managament and visual novel (self-proclaimed) connoseiur such as myself, this sounds right up my alley and hopefully yours too.

The game’s combat system will be turn-based that all seem focused on assisting your “hero” and serve as his backbone to victory but also allows you to raise your stats to “git gud”.

There are also 5 romanceable heroines with their own backstories and personalities who have their own endings, but you must woo them and raise their affection points to get them to look your way.

The game has also noted that the characters are above the age of 18 so expect some fanservice content coming your way .

And lastly… Fully voiced characters! There’s nothing better to help immerse you into a game’s world than hearing the character’s laughter and angry grunts as they attack their enemies!

With the game releasing with a 10% discount off the bat! This is for all fellow squires and villagers that want to be the main protagonist for once!

The launch price is only available until 15th October so if you’re interested, visit their Steam page to purchase the game for £17.54 instead of £19.49!

If you want to test it out before buying, there is a free demo on their page.
And if you’re interested, you can visit the game’s official page to learn more!

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