Look after male maids in this Korean Otome Visual Novel “Lady & Maid”

UPDATE: If you’d learn to learn more about the characters, read our article: Meet the 5 Male Maids of “Lady & Maid”

Ever find yourself frustrated at how docile and innocent heroines in Otome games are? Well, you can rejoice as there is now a game where YOU play the dominant heroine with a group of docile, submissive male maids. You read that right: Male Maids.

Lady&Maid or 아가씨와메이드 is about a woman who inherits a mansion from her grandfather and in turn, the maid harem that comes with it. There are 5 maids to choose from, with more possibly being unlocked after completing the main route.*

A unique take on the Otome genre.

From what I’ve seen, it seems to be your typical Visual Novel where your options determine the type of ending you get, with no management aspect or extra mini games. It also uses Live2D animation to create life-like (well, as life-like as 2D can be) characters as seen below.

Each characters route uses ‘coins’ to unlock their stories, but the game provides you with 60 free coins to start off. New content is being released, including new costumes that you can dress your maids in.

Unfortunately, the game has only been marketed in Korean and so many other details remain vague. As the beta version has only been released in December, there is also no word of a global release yet. However, considering the popularity of Cheritz’s games like Dandelion and Mystic Messenger, there is clear evidence of a western fanbase hungry for some otome games.

For those who are interested in the game and would like to follow its updates (or like me, stare at images and wait for the eventual English tweet), you can do so on their official twitter @LadyNMaid.

If you’d learn to learn more about the characters, read our article: Meet the 5 Male Maids of “Lady & Maid”

And if you’d like to try your hand at the game, then you can find it here in the Google Play Store for android and App Store for iOS.

For now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hold our breaths and hope the Korean beta is a big success!

Note: *I have absolute ZERO Korean skills, so this article was written through the aid of Google Translate. If there’s any incorrect information, please let me know.

Updated on April 4, 2020

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