First Nintendo Direct of 2020 Announced

Pokemon will apparently ring in the new year for Nintendo, as it will be the focal point of this year’s very first Direct. Announced for this Thursday 9th of January, the presentation is expected to run for 20 minutes and will be available to watch on either Nintendo’s official youtube channel or their website.

The direct is expected to include some information about the newest entries to the franchise: Pokemon Sword & Shield, and will probably lay out some of Nintendo’s plans for these titles this coming year.

While it’s hard to predict what else they plan to mention, many fans are hopeful they will touch on Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Home. Pokemon Sleep has been slated for a release some time this year, and is meant to be a mobile app that will turn ‘sleeping into entertainment’. Pokemon Home on the other hand, is a cloud based storage system similar to Pokemon Bank, and will supposedly allow users to store and trade their Pokemon across their Nintendo and mobile devices.

Pokémon Sleep.png

As mentioned the broadcast will air on January 9th at 6:30am PT or 14:30pm GMT, which is quite an early rise for our friends at the States.

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