Resident Evil 3 Trailer Unveils Nemesis New Look

Setting up the stage for what could be another exciting and successful remake to the franchise, Capcom has unveiled some key visual details about Resident Evil 3 and it’s iconic villain.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Dropping a dedicated trailer and a few screenshots, Nemesis is set to look and feel far more menacing than his 1999 counterpart. The trailer shows that the iconic villain has received some improvements to both his design and weaponry. He appears taller and more mobile this time around, being able to chase our heroine with little to no effort. We also see him equipped with a flamethrower which he uses to, what we assume, set Jill’s apartment building on fire. Other than that, they appear to have retained key aspects of his character, such as his tentacle drills and penchant for black leather.

According to other reports, Nemesis will play a far more active and persistent role similar Mr X. This exemplifies the publisher’s claim that the game will be ‘more-action packed’ than last year’s Resident Evil 2, while also retaining its atmospheric tone.

1999’s Resident Evil 3 set itself apart from other entries in the franchise at the time due to its emphasis on action. Players could roam the streets of the doomed Raccoon City and face a greater number of enemies than ever before. Ammo was no longer as scarce as in previous titles, with a variety of different gun powders introduced to allow players to create their own. Finally, the sense of dread was set not by the presence of the infected, but rather the sudden appearance of Nemesis during various points in the game. If the trailer is anything to go by, then it certainly seems like action will once again take centre stage to both its gameplay and story.

The trailer also showcases visuals for areas which players will presumably explore, as well as characters and enemies they will encounter throughout the story. This includes secondary protagonist Carlos Oliveira, who has seen a major redesign, and the lizard-like bio-weapons known as the Hunter.

The game is set to be released on April 03 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and will be bundled with the online multiplayer mode Resident Evil: Resistance. A collector’s editions will also be available exclusively to Gamestop, which includes a Jill Valentine figure and a map of Raccoon City.

Watch the Nemesis trailer below:

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