Meet the 5 Male Maids of “Lady & Maid”

Lady & Maid is a Korean Otome game released back in December 2019. Since our last article, the visual novel has been quite successful, reaching over 100,000 downloads in February!

While they are still releasing content for the game such as new stories and new outfits that you can make your maids wear, unfortunately, there has been no news of any western release.

However, fear not! So that you can prepare yourself for when it does arrive, I’ve gone google translating the characters in the official Lady and Maid twitter account and have compiled mini-profiles for each one!

Note: I have no knowledge of the korean language so all information provided is purely through extensive google translating and my own understanding from what I’ve read so it is not 100% accurate! If there are any mistakes you spot, please feel free to let us know so that we may amend it!

1. Kim Yeong Ho

“A cleaning maid who cleans the mansion while wearing a frilly ruffle skirt!”

Age: 25 years old || Birthday: July 15th
Blood Type: A || Height: 174cm
Likes: You || Hates: Uncle/Mister (?)
Weakness: Inside of thighs
Hobby: Shopping for outfits that you like

Our first maid is Yeong Ho, who is in charge of cleaning the mansion. A hardworking and sincere young man who takes great pride in his job. He seems to be your dedicated submissive maid, as his hobbies are shopping for any outfits you might want him to wear, regardless of how suggestive or embarrassing.

2. Edward Bang

“The maid in charge of the schedule, who has attractive long black hair. I feel like he seems to be a man with a mysterious past?”

Age: 30 years old || Birthday: March 12th
Blood Type: A || Height: 181cm
Likes: Studying || Hates: Disrespectful or rude people
Weakness: Ears
Hobby: Playing with kittens

Edward is a sensible and responsible maid who is in charge of the daily schedules and tea-time. He is very well-kept and organised and makes sure that he does whatever you ask of him. There seems to be a mysterious air around him, though you don’t know what. But what you do know, is that he makes the most delicious black tea in the world.

3. Yoon Bom

“An adorable maid with pink hair that matches him so well!”

Age: 20 years old || Birthday: April 12th
Blood Type: B || Height: 165cm
Likes: Sunset || Hates: Crumpled Books
Weakness: Everywhere
Hobby: Playing dolls with you

Yoon Bom’s task as a maid is help you drift off into a good night’s sleep by reading books for you. Not much is mentioned about his personality. From what we do know, from his hobby and weakness is that he is sweet and innocent and looks forward to sunset when you can spend time together.

4. Alexander Wei Wang

“A maid with attractive tan skin, whose specialty chocolate cake is as sweet as his skin!”

Age: 28 years old || Birthday: December 25th
Blood Type: O || Height: 186cm
Likes: Being in the mansion || Hates: His past
Weakness: Chest
Hobby: Learning what you like

Alexander is the maid in charge of cooking food and desserts for the mansion. He seems quiet and reserved. However, he enjoys preparing your meals for you and finding out what your favourite things to eat are. He struggles to express himself properly but truly appreciates being able to work for you in the mansion.

5. Lee Won Hu

“The mansion manager of few words who always has a stern look on his face. He always wears shirts that burst and is always chopping down firewood at the back of the mansion.”

Age: 47 years old || Birthday: September 6th
Blood Type: AB || Height: 190cm
Likes: Rabbit Dolls || Hates: Loneliness
Weakness: Hip & Tongue
Hobby: Showing you the flowers he collects every morning for the office

Won Hu is the general manager of the mansion and helps make sure everything is organised and in order. A man of few words, he takes his job very seriously. However, he is a little gullible and clumsy as his shirts are always popping open. He also has an innocent side as his favourite things are stuffed rabbit dolls. The day you arrive at the mansion also happens to coincide with his birthday…

Last but not least,

Height: 175cm || Birthday: ?????

A mysterious man who merely asks you to refer to him as “Deacon”. He manages the maids in the mansion and ensures everything runs smoothly upon your arrival to the mansion

And there you have it!

Understandably as the game wants to add an air of mystery to each character, we won’t be know the character’s full stories until we can play the game for ourselves.

I’m sure you already have your eye on someone though (it’s the Deacon, isn’t it?)

And again, this article was made in order to collate the information for those who can’t read korean… myself included.

If you have any information or corrections, feel free to comment below or message us on our twitter and facebook!

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  1. Is there anyway I can read the comic for free, I sadly can’t pay to read them but I really want to see what happens next! Any recommended site? Also I love you’re website, good design!!!


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