Playstation 5’s New Controller Unveiled

Sony has finally revealed new details and the look of their upcoming successor to the Dualshock controller. Dubbed as the DualSense, it is set to “keep what gamers love about the DualShock 4 intact” while also introducing new functionalities that will herald the next generation.

DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

Announcing on their official blog, Sony broke down some key features and changes they have included and how these will enhance the player experience. As the name suggests, the DualSense will emphasise on the “sense of touch”, an idea the company felt hasn’t been a major focus on games. This is why they have decided to include “haptic feedback” to their controller, which will reportedly add “variety of sensations” when you play. They have also included adaptive triggers to the L2 and R2 buttons, so you can “truly feel the tension of your actions, like when you draw a bow or shoot an arrow.” These features are set to pair with the PS5’s 3D AudioTech, ushering in a new wave of immersion in which you can really feel the game.

The design itself sees a prominent change and exemplies a clear departure from the classic DualShock look. The company worked towards a controller that fits all of its components without ‘giving it a bulky feeling’. This resulted in a sleek and rounded approach to the controller’s layout, making it appear big yet comfortable to hold.

The colour breaks tradition by opting to use a two-toned design, which provides a welcome change as it allows the controller to stand out and give it a premium feel. The lightbar also makes a return, but rather than taking up a huge part at the top, it now sits in between the touchpad. They said they’ve done this in order to give it some “extra pop”, however the reduction in size is good news where battery life is concerned. Speaking of which, the battery is expected to last longer this time around and will finally make use of the new industry standard USB-C.

Other notable features include a built-in microphone, which will be convenient for those quick party chats, but will not do away with traditional headsets. The share button has been replaced with a create button, and will reportedly introduce “new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just enjoy for themselves”. At this time, it’s hard to tell how different it will be to the current standard, but will hopefully give a refreshed look to how we can stream content online.

Sony has provided steady updates about the PlayStation 5, but has yet to give the console a full reveal treatment. On the other hand, we already know about Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox series-X, which includes their specs, design and games they plan to release. Neither company has revealed the prices for their respective products yet, which may be relevant to who can dominate the next generation.

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