The Last of Us 2 And Ghost of Tsushima Get New Launch Dates

Following a string of delays and a level of uncertainty, it seems like The Last of Us 2 has finally received its official release date.

Originally set for a February release this year, The Last of Us 2 was delayed until May 29th to give developers more time to ‘polish’ the game up to ‘Naughty Dog quality’. Unfortunately amid the ongoing pandemic affecting major businesses worldwide, the game was delayed again with no immediate replacement date in sight. Sony made the choice to pull the game from the Playstation store and began issuing refunds to those who pre-ordered the game.

Despite being kept in the dark for a little while, Sony and Naughty Dog have finally confirmed that the game will release on June 19th. The announcement was made after a series of leaks from an unknown source began to circulate on social media, which included vital information regarding the game and its story. Both companies have since addressed the leak and have acknowledged its existence. Naughty Dog has expressed their disappointment on the matter and have asked fans to avoid spoilers and not to spoilt it for others. They concluded their message to the fans by saying “No matter what you see and hear, the final experience will be worth it”.

Ghost of Tsushima has also been given a slightly delayed release. The open-world samurai epic was originally expected to release on the 26th of June, but has now been pushed back to July 17th. Addressing this change on their official twitter page, developers Sucker Punch Productions have said: “There have certainly been challenges in adapting to game development in a Work From Home environment, but thanks to an incredible effort by our worldwide team, Ghost is nearly ready for release…” The delay has also apparently given them more time apply “finishing touches” and fix bugs before launch.

While the rest of the year continues to look uncertain due to our current situation, these updates have certainly given something to look forwards to in the coming months. In the case of The Last of Us 2, the original leaked footage has been taken down and is no longer available. However, there are still bits and pieces of information still floating around twitter. We only have a few weeks left until the game’s launch, so buckle in and avoid spoilers as best as you can.

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