Animal Crossing’s April Update Sees New Events and Character Returns

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be the gift that just keeps on giving. Making the announcement via trailer, Nintendo showcases some of the newest features they are adding to the game for this month’s update. These include an event to celebrate Nature Day, a new expansion to the museum, as well as the return of two notable merchants.

The Nature Day event will give players a new way to obtain Nook Miles throughout its duration, and will focus on activities relating to gardening and everything green. The event will run from the 23rd of April to the 4th of May, and will most likely also see the return of fan favourite Leif. The character will be running a shop located in the main plaza, where he will bring us new products such as flowers and shrubs.

Redd also makes a return to the series in the form of a ‘treasure trawler’. Located somewhere on the shoreline, he will sell some unique artwork and furniture to the player. His appearance will also bring about the newest expansion for the museum, where players can store their collected artwork within its gallery. Some of the most notable pieces they’ve teased on the trailer include ‘The Thinker’ and the ‘Venus de Milo’, which will likely inspire a lot of ‘classic art’ themed islands in its wake. Other events they’ve also talked about include May Day, International Museum Day and the Wedding Season.

May Day will run from the 5th to the 7th of May, and will feature a tour where players can participate in activities sponsored by Dodo Airlines. International Museum Day will run from the 18th until the end of May and will focus on players completing a stamp rally across their museum.

Finally, Wedding Season will run throughout the month of June and will also feature the return of characters Cyrus and Reese. Taking place on Harv’s island, players are tasked with helping the married couple to celebrate their anniversary by staging the ideal photo. The event will also allow players to use plenty of wedding themed furniture and clothing, which include the bridal dress and floral bouquets.

More details about these events will likely be shared in the near future, but for now we look forward to seeing Leif visit our islands this Thursday. Watch the trailer for the April 2020 update below:

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